Frequently Asked Questions

 How does the online tutoring work? 

The student and tutor connect to an online classroom which includes voice, and a fully equipped whiteboard, and work together just as if sitting side by side.  To get a better idea of what the whiteboard is like, view the   snap during live tutoring sessions.  

If you would like to experience online tutoring for yourself  mail me  to receive a complimentary demonstration.

  1. How effective is this tutoring?

A: We have been able to secure enviable grades.

  1. Do I have to buy a number of sessions?

A: The first session is free of charge. You  have to buy  set number of sessions.

  1. What kind of equipment do I need?

A: A basic computer system, high speed internet, a speaker and microphone headset. If you have a writing tablet this will work well too.

  1. How is the payment made?

A: We use Paypal in most cases but will also accept an interact email money transfer or a Cheque. For sessions over the internet our price is  $ 25 per session. We also charge extra for any preparatory work which will normally be  $25 an hour.

  1. Are you available on demand?

A: No. A specific time to meet is arranged.

  1. How does tutoring work?

A:   You connect to the online classroom where we will be able to write on your computer screen using a whiteboard and writing tablet. You can use your mouse or a tablet for the purpose.  We will be able to connect with audio if you have a headset with microphone or we can use a telephone to communicate in this way.




What subjects do you tutor?

I’m Mostly tutoring the following curricula :STATE, CBSE, ICSE, ISC, IGCSE, IB and K-12. I have been teaching different branches of mathematics including Common Core Math, Singapore Math, Pre Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II,Geometry, Pre Calculus, AP Calculus, IB_MYP, IBDP:AA HL & SL, AI HL & SL, IGCSE, AS & A Level and as for competitive exams and standarised tests I teach EAMCET, JEE MAIN, PSAT, ACT, SAT  What range of ages are your students?

I tutor students of all ages at the middle school, high school and college levels.

Where do you meet your students?

I can meet students in the home. I must limit my travel to within 5/6 km IN HYDERABAD. I can also meet with students online a high speed internet connection is recommended for online meetings.

How does online tutoring work?

For online tutoring, I use some software which allows me to establish a real-time connection from my desktop to your desktop. I can transmit audio and video directly to you. And best of all, you will not need to purchase additional hardware or software. However, it is recommended that you have a high speed internet connection digital pen and pad for online tutoring. See ONLINE TUTORING  for more info.

What is your cancellation policy?

This business is my main source of income. That said, my cancellation policy is my very best attempt to balance fairness to the student and to myself. Additionally, tutoring is a valuable commitment, and showing up to each tutoring session helps the student create momentum in their learning.

*I ask that you let me know about a cancellation as soon as possible.

•Take make up class to fill your sections